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Help with E-junkie Features

Selling Ebooks and PDF Stamping

Sell Your eBooks in a Snap

The eBook industry has led to an independent publishing revolution. Aspiring and established authors alike are finding success building their own audiences through blogging and social media and selling their eBooks direct to readers.

While you could work to get your eBook on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, and other major marketplaces, you'd end up splitting a substantial portion of your revenues with them. That might be fine when trying to reach new audiences through those platforms, but when selling to existing visitors of your own site, blog or social media, you are better off utilizing an ecommerce tool like E-junkie, rather than sending your customers, and a lot of their money, away to a third party.

E-junkie provides easy copy-paste purchase button/link codes and secure digital delivery of the eBook file after a successful payment, all at a low monthly fee with no transaction fees.

PDF Stamping

We offer a PDF security solution that automatically stamps the buyer's name, email, and unique Transaction ID in the top-left corner on each page of the PDF they download. Unlike DRM (Digital Rights Management), this is a simple, non-intrusive way to deter buyers from sharing their PDFs, as people are generally reluctant to share a file with their personal information on it or that can be traced back to them. Our PDF Stamping feature is easy to setup and gives buyers a hassle-free experience. Stamped PDFs work with all PDF reader software apps and e-reader devices.

If you don't wish to issue Stamped PDFs or are just selling your ebooks in .DOC or any other document format, that's just like selling any other file; each buyer will get an identical copy of whatever file you upload for the product. We also support many third-party eBook compilers and file-locking solutions.

Example Stamped PDF:

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  1. If you haven't done so yet, set up your E-junkie account and product and then upload your PDF file to the product;
  2. Go to Manage Products > Edit Products, select the product, and click View/Edit Product;
  3. Scroll down to the Integrations section and click the PDF Stamper button;
  4. Tick the box Enable Stamper;
  5. Optional settings/permissions:
    • PDF Password - if your original PDF file is locked with a password:
      • Leave this blank if your PDF does not have any passwords;
      • If your PDF has a Master password, enter that here (regardless of whether it also has a User (read-only) password);
      • If your PDF only has a User (read-only) password without a Master password, enter the User password here.

      Note: we can only Stamp password-locked PDFs where the Compatibility option has been set to "Acrobat 7.0 And Later" (PDF v1.6) or lower, not "Acrobat X And Later" (PDF v1.7) nor higher. If you are having problems getting Stamping to work for a file with a password, try uploading a file with no password—remember, the Stamper would still add a random Master password to every Stamped copy anyway. This version limitation does not apply to PDFs which are not password locked.

    • Read-only PDF Password - if you want to require a password to open Stamped copies, enter the password buyers should enter here:
      • Leave this blank if you don't want to requrie buyers to enter a password to open your file;
      • Use letters and numbers only for this password, without any spaces or other symbols;
      • Stamped copies would have this User (read-only) password instead of your original file's User password, if it has one;
      • Bear in mind that a Read-only Password is only effective security when the recipient can be trusted not to share it with anyone; this mostly just inconveniences legitimate buyers while being rather ineffective for security, since anyone who wants to share their file would also typically share the password as well—it's like putting a padlock on something but leaving the key right there in the lock;
      • Tip: you can enter txn_id here to apply each buyer's unique Transaction ID as their read-only password, then use the template tag [%txn_id%] in your E-junkie Thank-you Page and/or Thank-you Email template to insert that ID/password where you want the buyer to see it.
    • Allow copy-paste* - untick this if you don't want buyers to be able to copy-paste text from your Stamped PDF;
      (Note that copy-pasting is different from extraction, which we disable by default, but we do allow extraction by screen readers for the visually-impaired.)
    • Allow print* - untick this if you don't want buyers to be able to print your Stamped PDF.
    * We do not recommend unticking either of those last two options, as this can upset many customers, and not all PDF reader apps enforce them anyway.
  6. Click Save to apply the new PDF Stamper settings for your product.

To test your Stamper configuration, you can issue a link manually from your E-junkie Dashboard under Manage Buyers > Send Free Download Link/Code.

A Few things to keep in mind

  1. This only works for Single File Download products which have a single PDF file uploaded as-is; it will not work for products using Bundle Other Products nor for PDFs enclosed within some other file type such as a ZIP archive;
  2. Each buyer's original link for a Stamped PDF will always download their original Stamped file, even if you subsequently update the product's file or reactivate the buyer's link (whereas all other non-Stamped downloads always issue a copy of the latest file uploaded to the product);
  3. Unexpired or reactivated links for Stamped PDFs will work for up to one year after the link was first issued to the recipient; after that, you can no longer reactivate the original link, but you can use Manage Buyers > Send free download link/code in your E-junkie Dashboard to issue a replacement link for a Stamped copy of the latest PDF file uploaded to the product.

Third-party E-book Compilers & File-Locking Solutions

If you are using special compiler software to protect your e-book, you can still use our service. We can support virtually any eBook compiler that you might be using, as we support stored codes, generated codes, redirection and other features which the compilers rely on for your product activation/unlocking. However, these cannot be combined with our PDF Stamping feature (explained above). These are a few eBook compiler solutions we're familiar with:

  • How to sell e-books created with ebookgold?
    Ebookgold will give you HTML code that you will have to put up on a page on your website. You have to enter the URL to that page in their admin area as the approved URL for password generator.

    Once you do that, place that URL in the email message that your buyer receives. You can do that while adding/editing your product in E-junkie Seller Admin.

  • How to sell ebooks created with EBook Maestro?
    You can generate keys in the "Reg. Codes" subsection of EBook Maestro. Please clear Reg. Name before you generate the keys. Once you have the keys and the EXE file of the ebook:
    • Go to E-junkie Seller Admin and click Add New Product;
    • Under the section Digital Delivery > Deliver Codes, tick the box for Stored Codes;
    • This will reveal a box where you can paste in your license codes (one code per line);
    • Click Submit to apply changes and proceed to the Button Codes screen;
    • From here you will be able to upload your file and also get the purchase button codes you need copy and paste into your website.