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E-junkie Guides December 9th 2015

How to Customize Automatic Thank You E-mails

When you sell a product online you want to have as much of the process look and feel like your brand. That includes custom automatic Thank You emails.

E-junkie Guides December 1st 2015

Selling Goods With Variants (Multiple Product Options)

Online sellers often want to offer goods with variants to allow for customers to choose between multiple product options (different sizes, different colors, different fits, etc.). With E-junkie, you can setup a single product that covers the product plus all of the options youre offering.

E-junkie Guides November 25th 2015

Setting Discounts for Individual Products

So, we have shown you how to set-up gift coupons and general cart discounts, now lets work on setting up discounts for individual products.

E-junkie Guides November 17th 2015

Setting Up An All Cart Discount

Looking to run a 20%, 30%, 50% off sale? Heres how to set up a general, all cart discount.

E-junkie Guides November 5th 2015

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up E-junkie Gift Cards & Gift Coupons

With the Holiday season upon us, you might want to consider allowing your customers to purchase a gift card or gift coupon that they can give as a present.

E-junkie Guides October 29th 2015

Setting up E-junkie with USPS Shipping

While you can use a Flat Rate shipping option to work with USPS Flat Rate boxes, there is more you can do to integrate E-junkie with USPS.

E-junkie Guides October 21st 2015

Setting Up Country Specific Shipping Rules

When you setup your shipping on your e-commerce shop, you may want to set a single shipping option for an entire country. Heres how to set those country specific shipping rules...

E-junkie Guides October 14th 2015

Setting Up Product Specific Shipping Rates

This week, we will walk you through how to set up product specific shipping rates - different flat rates for different products.

E-junkie Guides October 7th 2015

Setting Flat Rate Shipping for a Number of Items

When you setup your shipping, it often makes sense (and can encourage sales) to set your shop up with flat rate shipping.

E-junkie Guides September 30th 2015

Setting Up a Sale

When you have an e-commerce shop, setting up a sale is an important capability to have. Doing that is even easier with our new interface.

E-junkie Guides September 23rd 2015

How to Sell a File Larger Than 500 MB

When are selling your products online, you may have a need to include files that are large.

E-junkie Guides June 30th 2015

Collecting Donations for Non-Profits with E-Junkie

E-junkie has a number of non-profits clients. To help facilitate collecting donations for non-profits, E-junkie has a feature that will allow buyers to name their own price.