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E-junkie Guides March 23rd 2016

How to Create Individual 'Buy' Buttons for Variant Products

Sometimes your buyers want to go to your page, purchase a product and go - without any of the trouble of having to choose from the options you offer. Luckily, you can make your customers shopping experience quick and easy with our variant products feature.

E-junkie Guides March 15th 2016

Selling Band Merch with Our Online Shopping Cart

You can use our online shopping cart to sell your songs in digital format and for selling band merch: CDs, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

E-junkie Guides March 7th 2016

How to Sell Music Online with E-junkie

With the advent of MP3s, inexpensive programs for recording music and portable devices that play MP3s, a major recording company is no longer required for a budding musician. Now you just need a system to sell music online. E-junkie can provide that service for you.

E-junkie Guides February 29th 2016

How to Sell Digital Downloads

E-junkie was built to sell digital downloads like e-books, music and movies. If you are looking to sell your digital products, these steps will help you set it up quick and conveniently.

E-junkie Guides February 22nd 2016

Setting Up Advanced Sales Tax Option in E-junkie

With E-junkie, you can use the Advanced Sales Tax option to set up different sales tax rates for different places. Heres a tutorial on how to do that...

E-junkie Guides January 28th 2016

E-junkie Third Party Integration Feature: Media Fulfillment Services

If you want to have a DVD, CD or book sent to your buyers, you can have it printed on demand (which is cheaper than having a large collection of ones that you have to store), processed and sent to your buyer automatically. E-junkie integrates with a couple of Media Fulfillment Services to help you do just that. 

E-junkie Guides January 20th 2016

The E-junkie Third Party Integration Feature: Membership Systems

Sometimes when you sell online, you are not providing just download links but also access to content that you will be keeping on your website. Integrate E-junkie with one of the third-party membership systems to keep that premium content under lock and key!

E-junkie Guides January 12th 2016

How To Integrate E-junkie With Third Party Mailing Systems

When you sell online you want to be able to collect your buyers information. Integrate E-junkie with third party mailing systems like MailChimp or AWeber to do just that.

E-junkie Guides January 5th 2016

E-Books: How to Use the E-junkie PDF Stamping Feature to Prevent Theft

When you sell an eBook online there are many different formats you can choose. But you always have to consider security. Our PDF stamping feature can help prevent theft of your original work.

E-junkie Guides December 30th 2015

How to Use the E-junkie Third Party Integration Feature

When you are selling online, there are times when you want to send data to a third party. Heres how to set up E-junkies third party integration feature.

E-junkie Guides December 23rd 2015

Setting Up the E-junkie Newsletter / Eblast Feature

With the new year just around the corner, you may have new products that you are just dying to tell customers about. Send them the info an E-junkie newsletter.

E-junkie Guides December 16th 2015

How to Create an E-junkie Custom Thank You Page

You can create a custom thank you page so the page customers are sent after checkout looks and feels like your brand.