This page is obsolete. Please see our new Help Index here.
E-junkie is a simple yet powerful selling solution which works on your site or any other site where you want to use it. We don't impose a complete shop on you, we just provide you buy now and cart buttons with which you can sell anything anywhere.

To be honest, you will not need any help if you just follow the intuitive product adding interface in E-junkie and follow the simple rule of thumb that if you don't know what a particular setting means, you probably don't need it. If you don't agree with us on that, "How to start selling" will be a good place to start.

Of course, if you want to explore everything you can do with E-junkie and highly customize the process, by all means indulge yourselves in the various topics given below.
How to start selling with E-junkie?
How to create variants (add options to product)?
How to sell package products containing multiple files?
How to send stored and generated registration codes?
How to enable shipping calculation?
How to enable sales tax and VAT calculation?
How to manage inventory?
How to manage my affiliate program?
How to promote my product?
How to manage discounts?
How to redirect buyers?
How to customize purchase buttons and "thank you" page & email?
How to send updates, newsletters and manage my mailing lists?
How to integrate e-junkie with 3rd party and custom services?
How to use Google Analytics and other tracking tools?
How to test my setup?
How to use E-junkie Shopping Cart with Flash?
How to customize E-junkie Shopping Cart?


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